NCMPA1 consists of 19 cities and towns in piedmont and western North Carolina, including some of the largest areas of economic growth. NCMPA1 owns a portion of the Catawba Nuclear Station, operated by Duke Energy. NCMPA1 provides wholesale power to its 19 Participants.

Renewable Generators Interconnecting in NCMPA1 Participant Cities

Renewable generators that interconnect with an NCMPA1 Participant City should contact that Municipal for details regarding their Interconnection Process and current rates. The Standard Purchase Offer for RECs will close as of January 1, 2016. For information regarding NCMPA1’s next RFP process for purchase of RECs, to comply with Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards, please contact the Associate Renewable Energy Portfolio Manager at: (919) 760-6291.

NCMPA1 DSM/EE Program Opt Out Provision and Eligibility

Swine Renewable Energy

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