NCMPA1 consists of 19 cities and towns in piedmont and western North Carolina, including some of the largest areas of economic growth. NCMPA1 owns a portion of the Catawba Nuclear Station, operated by Duke Energy. NCMPA1 provides wholesale power to its 19 Participants.

Renewable Generators Interconnecting with NCMPA1

Renewable generators that interconnect with a NCMPA1 Participant City may be eligible for the NCMPA1 Solar REC Standard Offer or the NCMPA1 REC Standard Offer. The nameplate capacity of the generator must be 200 kW or less in order to qualify for this offer. To read more about the current REC Standard Offer, click on the following link:

NCMPA1 REC Standard Offer
NCMPA1 Avoided Cost Schedule

Contact Andrew Fusco at (919) 760-6219 or Katherine Horton at (919) 760-6234 for more information.

Commercial Solar Thermal Rebate for NCMPA1 Participant Customers

The commercial solar thermal program offers commercial electric customers a rebate for installation of a solar thermal energy system. Eligible customers will receive up to a $450 rebate for each certified solar thermal panel purchased and installed after September 1, 2013.

Solar thermal energy systems use the sun’s power to heat water and are typically used for a building’s main hot water consumption. Facilities such as cafeterias, restaurants, veterinary offices, community centers and health clubs are good candidates for a solar thermal energy system.

NCMPA1 DSM/EE Program Opt Out Provision and Eligibility

Swine Renewable Energy

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