NCMPA1 DSM/EE Program Opt Out Provision and Eligibility


North Carolina Municipal Power Agency Number 1 (“NCMPA1”) and its member municipalities have developed certain Demand-Side Management (DSM) and Energy Efficiency (EE) programs (collectively, the DSM/EE Programs) to meet the municipalities’ renewable energy and energy efficiency requirements under North Carolina’s renewable energy legislation enacted in 2007.

 Included in that renewable energy legislation, in N.C.G.S. 62-133.9(f), and Rule R8-69(d) adopted by the North Carolina Utilities Commission, is a provision that allows any industrial customer or qualifying [1] large commercial customer to elect not to participate in new DSM/EE Programs adopted and implemented by the City/Town and/or NCMPA1 on or after January 1, 2007, if the customer has, at its own expense, already implemented or, in accordance with stated, quantified goals for demand-side management and energy efficiency, will implement alternative demand-side management and energy efficiency measures.

 Each January in preparation for review and approval of its REPS Rider for the upcoming fiscal year, July through June, City/Town will take into consideration those customers that have opted out of participation in the DSM/EE Programs in the calculation of rider charges.  Therefore, customers electing to opt out will have 60 days from January 1st of each year (starting in 2010) within which to notify the City/Town in writing.  Once the 60 days have elapsed, customers may not request exclusion from the REPS Rider until the annual opt-out enrollment period reopens the following January 1st.  For the current fiscal year only, July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010, customers have until September 30, 2009 in which to notify City/Town of their election to opt-out of the DSM/EE Programs.

 Each year when NCMPA1 files its compliance report for the previous year, it will submit to the North Carolina Utilities Commission a list of those customers that elected to opt-out for the reporting period.

 Any customer that opts out, but subsequently elects to participate in new DSM/EE Programs, must wait until the next open enrollment period beginning on January 1 and then will be subject to the REPS Rider charges for a minimum of five years and a maximum of the life of the program in which the customer participated.

 To opt out, a customer of any NCMPA1 municipality should use the NCMPA1 DSM/EE Program Opt out Form which is available from the municipality or



[1] Qualifying large commercial customer is one which consumes a minimum of 1 million kWh annually.


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NCMPA1 DSM EE Opt Out Notice

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